Employee of the Year

CHB Employee of the Year


2009 Employee of the Year

Dave Sellers

David Sellers began his service in the Maintenance Department at Community Hospital of Bremen on February 12, 2001. Dave is a very honest, hard-working employee who has a great work ethic.  Dave is always at work when scheduled and he never calls off sick or comes in late; except for the day he was in a car accident and called to say he might be a little late.  Dave would never take a vacation if we didn’t force him to use his time off. 

Dave is very dedicated to the hospital. He consistently contributes and supports foundation and auxiliary fundraisers and attends most all hospital functions. 

Nominations for this award come from hospital co-workers.   All nominations are reviewed and those meeting hospital criteria are added to the ballot.  Each hospital employee then has the opportunity to vote. 

Dave’s exemplary behavior is seen by his peers and is a great example to all those around him. Congratulations Dave, the hospital is very fortunate to have you as an employee. 


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